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Bear Essentials

Bear Essentials Online Training

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The Bear Essentials offers a comprehensive education.

Utilizing interactive audio, pictures, narrations, simulations, videos, quizzes and a final exam, the Bear Essentials will equip individuals with the knowledge of the types of bears in Alberta, their habits and habitat, and how you can keep safe when you are venturing into bear country.

Course Outline

Essentials of Bear Diversity

How Bear Aware are You?

  • Identifying Grizzly Bears
  • Identifying Black Bears
  • Gender Identification
  • Bear Tracks

Bear Fare

  • Opportunistic Eaters
  • Natural Diet
  • Other Food Sources
  • Scat

Bear Biology

  • Reproductivity

Bear Ecology

  • Black Bear Range and Movement
  • Grizzly Bear Range and Movement
  • Denning and Hibernating

Essentials about Bear Encounters

  • Adventures in Bear Country
  • Camping and Fishing Tips
  • Tips for the Successful Hunter in Bear Country
  • Tools
  • Firearms

Bear Encounters: Coming Face to Face

  • Assessing an Encounter
  • Defensive Bears
  • Predatory Bears
  • Bear Communication

Final Exam

This course may be taken on-line from any internet enabled computer and can be paused and returned to at anytime.

There is a minimum time requirement for each module. You must view the slide modules for the required amount of time before being permitted to move onto the next module and complete the course.

Bear Essentials is the first of many in a series of Advanced Outdoor Education courses AHEIA has to offer

Wallet ID cards will be issued by mail and printable certificates will be made available upon successful completion of the course

Bear Essentials
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